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Out of work, out of food, and running out of hope: Daniel's story.

"I don't like coming here, truthfully, but I've got to do what I've got to do."

Not so long ago, Daniel and his wife regularly donated to their local food bank. Now, they depend on the food bank themselves to feed their four young children. Of course, they never thought they'd be in this position. Daniel was employed as a machine operator until he was suddenly laid off four months ago. Although he looks for work every day, Daniel simply can't afford to accept a job that pays less than what he's receiving on EI – because it would mean even less money for food and other necessities.

Daniel and his family aren't alone. There are currently more than a million unemployed people in Canada and their situations are just as serious as Daniel's.

Hunger in Canada

By the numbers.

882,188 of your fellow Canadians turn to food banks every month. The numbers may shock you. But these numbers represent real people. Men, women and children who have to deal with the harsh reality of going hungry and needing the assistance of food banks.

You can help change that. You can help make it so that a child doesn't have to go to school hungry. It's time to Say No to Hunger. Here are just a few of the facts you should know:

  • 31% more people count on food banks now than before the recession.
  • More than a third of individuals receiving assistance from food banks are children and teens.
  • Sudden illness can profoundly affect a person's ability to earn a living. Many who become ill are laid off, fired or forced to quit because of the effects of treatment.
  • 14% of seniors who live alone are living in poverty.
  • 3.2 million Canadians are living in poverty today.

With your commitment, we can eliminate hunger by addressing the effects of its root causes.

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